Welcome on board as a digital fundraiser  
The easiest way to participate in Hunger Day on Sept 24th-26th, is to collect donations using the Red Cross online collections. Your help is needed now more than ever.  

Watch guide videos and read tips for digital fundraising on this page.
Ask for donations into joint Red Cross collections 
The easiest way to take part as a digital fundraiser is to collect donations into the joint Red Cross online collections.

Watch 2nd video on how to spread the word and ask for donations.
How to start your own online collection 
This video will show you how to start your own online collection.  
Follow these steps: 

  • Start here 
  • Choose your cause and start your online collection 
  • You can start the collection on behalf of a private individual, team, or school, or even a company. 
  • Name your collection. The name will be displayed on your collection page. 
  • Explain why this cause is important to you and ask people to participate by donating. 
  • Set a collection goal you wish to raise, and the final day for your collection. 
Now you have started your own online collection. This is when the work really starts, e.g. fundraising and asking for donations! 

It is important to be active and share information with people so that they may donate.Use social media, WhatsAppor e-mail to invite your friends, work and family to get involved.Sharing once may not be enough,and you should share it several times. 

You can see their donations and messages appear on your collection page in real time. 
How to set up a Facebook Fundraiser 
Starting a Facebook fundraiser is easy and only takes a few minutes. On Facebook all of the funds are raised for the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. 

Watch this video and start your own fundraiser! 
Follow these steps: 

  • Start on your own Facebook page 
  • Click on the ‘Create’ button in the upper right corner. The mobile version works the same way. 
  • Select the last option, ‘Fundraiser.’ 
  • Then you must choose who to collect for. Select ‘Charity.’ 
  • Enter ‘Suomen Punainen Risti’ (Finnish Red Cross) in the search field. 
  • Facebook will then instruct you to fill in a few required information, a collection goal and end date, and to select an image related to the collection.  

Your Facebook fundraiser is now ready and you can start fundraising. This is when the fundraising can really get going. 

  • Share the fundraiser on your feed and invite friends to donate. Posting the fundraiser once may not reach everyone, and you should share it repeatedly. 
  • You can monitor the donations and thank everyone who has participated. 
Sign up as digital fundraiser 
Get tips and information to your email address. 

As a digital fundraiser, you are helping us save lives and help disaster victims in Finland and abroad.   
Hunger Day collection in social media 
Don’t hesitate to use the texts and images created for digital collection when asking donations for Hunger Day funds on social media and online.

The most efficient way is to tell people why the Hunger Day is important to you and why you want to help. Do it your own way:
  • Take a funny photo or video  
  • Document your day as an Instagram or Facebook Story
  • Challenge your friends to donate even the price of their lunch
  • Write a note, quote or a piece of a poem on e.g. Twitter
  • Tag the people in your pictures if it's ok for them

Remember to check that the Finnish Red Cross and Hunger Day are mentioned in your post, and it is easy to find a link to your collection. Please use the #hungerday, #nälkäpäivä, #punainenristi and #redcross on your photos and stories about the Hunger Day collection, or pick an image or text that tells the viewer what's going on.

Download texts and images for your use here.