5 ways to help - Coronavirus
1) Take care of yourself and others
Contact your loved ones over the telephone or remote connection. By limiting physical social interaction, you are protecting others from the virus. Click here for tips on how to ensure your loved ones cope if they are quarantined.
2) Ask if there’s anything you can do to help
If you are well yourself, and you do not suspect that you have been infected, neighbourly help is a good way to be of use. You may ask your neighbours or acquaintances if they need help with grocery shopping, for example.
3) Sign up and train online
The elderly and anyone belonging to a coronavirus risk group need someone to talk to. Sign up for the online and telephone friend visitor course (in Finnish).
For questions about volunteering in your own area, contact your Red Cross district office or branch.

4) Donate blood
If you are feeling well and meet the prerequisites for donating blood, you are welcome to donate blood. More information on the Blood Service website: www.bloodservice.fi
5) Donate
With your help the Red Cross can help vulnerable people in Finland and abroad during the Corona epidemic. We support preparedness in Finland by training volunteers to help anyone who is lonely, for example. In Greece and Turkey, we support aid work to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and to protect women’s rights.
Corporate donations
If you have questions concerning corporate donations please contact us at yritykset@redcross.fi.
Additional tip: False information about the coronavirus is spreading. Monitor news channels maintained by reliable media, organisations and authorities, share information published by them and follow instructions issued by the authorities.
Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare: Latest updates on the coronavirus situation